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Butterfly & Floral Embroidered Camo Pants

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 The Butterfly Camo Pants are a bold new take on fatigue. Army fatigue is a staple in fashion, that's why with this piece we wanted to try a new angle. The colorful appearance of the embroidery helps lend to the overall tone of the fatigue's beauty and uniqueness. Making a piece that is both bold and fun. 

Crafted from premium quality fabric, these pants boast a classic camo pattern that's perfect for those who love to make a fashion statement. But what sets these pants apart are the intricately embroidered butterflies and flowers lined on each respective pant leg. Each design has been carefully crafted with attention to detail, with the use of over 100,000 stitches to make this design happen. 

At KIC, we take pride in creating pieces with quality fabric that keep you at your best.  Whether your trying keeping it cool, with pairing the pants with a fly outfit or keeping it calm, with a simple outfit these pants are perfect for you.

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