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Keep It Covered - Prayer Hands Camo | KIC NYC

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This jacket is designed to inspire and connect people to their beliefs. The camouflage print is adorned with glittered prayer hands, and the glow in the dark background helps the jacket illuminate. We understand how people love to wear clothes that connect them to their beliefs. KIC (Keep It Connected) helps people do just that - keep their beliefs close to them at all times. Whether it's a reminder to stay strong in their convictions or to keep their faith close to their heart, this jacket helps people do both. There are many aspects of the jacket that have helped many in their everyday lives.

 The jacket as a symbol of style

People love that the KIC jacket is a stylish and trendy piece. It's perfect for making a statement, and it really stands out in a crowd. I often get compliments on it, and it always makes me feel good knowing I'm wearing something that looks great.

The jacket as a source of inspiration

Many find inspiration in their outerwear, and the KIC jacket is a perfect example of that. Many feel more confident and stylish when wearing it, and it serves as a great source of self-expression. They also appreciate the comfort and protection it offers. 

The jacket as a sign of confidence

Feel more confident when wearing the KIC jacket. The sense of style it gives also allows you to express yourself. Look good in it, while boosting your confidence. 


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